Modular, Scalable Platform for Ground Handling and Passenger Service Management


in the aviation industry

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Limited airfield visibility. Going to Category III A approach.


  • Lengthy search for the vehicles and drivers with Category IIIA authorization.
  • Long ground handling delays, slow passenger/employee/luggage/cargo delivery.

After the RMS deployment (Online Resource Management Module)

  • Automated job assignment to the vehicle drivers.
  • Minimize deviations from the aircraft ground handling schedule.


Seamless airport operation when the visibility is limited (Category III A).


Thunderstorm disrupts the airport operations.

Transit passenger connections are massively disrupted. 


Manual search for transit passengers in passenger departure lists and notifications, managing potential connections with elevated financial and reputation risks. High workloads lead to more errors, even in routine operations.

Extensive data exchange between the stakeholders trying to manage the connecting flights.

After the RMS deployment (Online Resource Management, HUB, Passenger Transfer Management, and Passenger Hotel Accommodation Management modules) 

Search for passengers with disrupted connections and possible solutions. 

Cost estimation of missed connections / connecting flight delays for data-driven decision-making.

Modules are integrated and quickly manage all possible passenger connection issues.

Fewer lost connections.


Minimized the impact of disruptions on transit passengers. Reduced personnel workload.

No financial or reputation losses due to disruptions.


Forward planning of resources in peak load periods takes a lot of effort.


  • Lengthy long-term resource planning by a large team.
  • Significant errors, allocating more resources as a safety margin.
  • Lengthy procedures for dispatching more personnel/equipment.

After the RMS deployment (Forward Planning Module) 

  • Quick estimation of available resources


  • Better forward planning quality and transparency.
  • Lower labor costs for forward planning.
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